Fight those fears.
Make yourself Big.


Apr 20

When you really wish that you’re in that person’s shoe.

Apr 15

As long as I am there, those scary figures will always stop things from changing it.

Apr 8

1 month.

Apr 8
A Month

Is not the person that I should be living on.
I don’t know how things can go from here.

Apr 6

The looks at your face. It kills me deep inside.

I don’t know what to say.

Apr 5

I NEVER want attention.

NOTE that.

Apr 3

Even doing things in life like outing plan,


Apr 3

I am not as the same level as some people out there.

Damn this is really Negative.

Apr 1

I really can’t take it.

Apr 1

I can’t believe this is happening.

Apr 1

My life is a deep mess messed up.

Apr 1